Bara ibland

Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-10-17 klockan 20:16:55
Jag tänker inte mycket, men jag tänker ibland
jag funderar på livet och funderar ibland
att diskutera vad meningen är leder ingenvart
men jag diskuterar ändå, diskuterar ibland
jag grubblar en massa men bara ibland
jag reflekterar det mesta, reflekterar ibland
att planera leder till stress men även till lugn
trots detta på planerar jag även ibland
jag kan tycka en sak och tro en annan
men jag tycker och tror en hel del ändå

Lost will cost

Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-07-10 klockan 19:06:26
Trying to see
Trying to flee
But lost in the woods
Will never return

Trying to hear
Nothing to fear
Flames on my eyelids
Forever be burned


Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-05-23 klockan 13:08:51

I want to be a bird and fly far far away
to the open sea and forever stay
to fly high up in the sky and to almost hit the ground
dance with a bird, a tango or a waltz and then realize,
my wings are false
fall back down with head so hairy
and realize that my dream was simple scary

Watching you

Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-05-23 klockan 12:55:46

I see you walk, I hear you talk, you whisper my name
You laugh out loud, you push in a crowd, it's always the same
You're kind to me, you will always be, got nothing to blame
You kissed my cheek, though I'm a geek, this is just a game


Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-05-09 klockan 12:16:10

"She sees the light despite the darkness. She twists her hands, chains burn her skin. She can not cry anymore, she can not ask for help. She sees the light and the hope is still alive."

One tear

Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-05-09 klockan 12:14:53

"She's been waiting, every second, every tear. No appearance, no longer waiting, no fear."

It's the thought that counts.

Det här inlägget skrevs 2010-05-09 klockan 12:13:04

"He gave her a flower, she gave him one word.
She gave him a tower, he gave her the world."

Do you understand? It's the thought that counts.